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Welcome to Knots and Climbing!

On this website you will find all the knots you can think of, as well as their applications. We show you how to tie the knots with clear step-by-step pictures and a tutorial video, which also shows the process clearly. The knots are ranked into groups, to keep things organized. These groups are both based on use as on type of knot. This will help you to find the knot you're looking for even more easy!

We also focus on climbing techniques, both rock climbing and tree climbing. There are plenty of good practice knots to choose from, also very informative for the professional arborist!

There is also some content on practical knot-tying. How to tie a rope halter for your horse, or paracord creations like a survival bracelet. Did you know that a survival bracelet gives you 2 meters of rope without the need to carry it in your backpack? Just tie it into a bracelet and you won't even notice it's there!

If you miss a particular knot or technique in our database, or if you have another question, shoot us a message on Youtube and we will make sure we'll answer you as fast as we can!

New knots and other contents are added on a regular basis, as well as existing contents updated, so don't hesitate to check back on us soon!

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