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What is a rope halter?

A rope halter is used to train horses. It can either be used when working from the ground, or for riding. The knots on the halter are giving pressure on certain nerve groups, which makes it an ideal tool to train your horse with just a little bit of pressure. Being a horse trainer ourselves, it is our favorite tool to get some basic training done with our horses. Using it in a correct way, it is truly golden. It is easy to take with you as you can fold it into a very small package and put it in your pocket.

Fiador knot is too hard

In case you cannot manage to get the fiador knot right, you can also just use a simple double overhand knot. This will in fact give the same result, it just looks bulkier.


Never tie your horse to a static object like a fence post with the rope halter on. The rope is very strong and will not break in case of an emergency. Always use a regular nylon or leather halter to tie down your horse instead.

Make sure the diameter of the rope is at least 6 mm. We would recommend a maximum diameter of 10 mm, for the knots will otherwise get too bulky and might hinder the horse.