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Square knot

Also known as

Reef Knot

What is the Square Knot?

The Square Knot is a simple binding knot

The Square Knot, what is it used for?

The Square knot is an elegant way to weakly connect two ropes together temporarily. The Square knot is also a component of many lashings and more intricate knots as well as a binding around objects.

You can use the Square knot as a climber to hoist a rope up to your working position. But it can also be used to lace up a dress or as a decorative piece. Especially when the Square knot is tied with two different coloured ropes.


There is a small detail which is often overlooked when tying the Square knot that will make or break it. The Square knot works best when tied with ropes of equal diameter.

You can't use the Square Knot for purposes where safety is a concern. The Square knot can become easily undone.

Alternatives for the Square Knot

Sheet Bend