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Figure eight knot

What is the Figure Eight Knot?

The figure eight knot is an easy to tie stopper knot.

The Figure Eight Knot, what is it used for?

The climbing line coming out of the Petzl GriGri belay device or a climber rappelling of the end of a climbing rope is an extremely dangerous situation. The figure eight knot is often used to prevent this.


A common mistake in climbing, is people forgetting to tie a figure eight stopper at the end of the climbing line, which may have deadly consequences.

Historical facts about the Figure Eight Knot

Guitar and violin strings were often tied with the Figure Eight knot. The Figure Eight was also often used in fishing, for example to tie a hook to a fishing line. Because of its easiness to tie, the Figure Eight knot was often found in sailing and boating as well. Finally, the Figure Eight knot was used in decorative rope art, using the knot is sequences to form the most beautiful mats.