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Angler's Loop

Also known as

Perfection loop

What is the Angler's Loop?

The Angler's loop knot is a simple method to form a loop in a slippery fishing line. It is long known for being the most perfect Leader loop, because of its great lead and easiness to tie. The Angler's loop will of course also work well with other types of ropes. It is seen as the best single loop, both for the end of a small line as well as on the bight.

The Angler's Loop, what is it used for?

In fishing the Angler's loop is a great method to form a loop in your fishing line, to attach lures or swivels to. You can also use the Angler's loop to attach tippets and leaders for fly fishing. In tying up bundles, the Angler's Loop is also highly recommended because of its jamming properties.


The Angler's loop will jam after being loaded, so don't use the Angler's loop when you want to untie the knot again.