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Survival bracelet

What is a survival bracelet?

A survival bracelet is a bracelet made from paracord. It often has a plastic buckle, but it can also be tied with just the rope itself. A survival bracelet allows you to easily bring up to 2,5 meters of paracord without the need to put a piece of rope in your backpack. This will allow for more space in your backpack that you can use for other useful stuff. By unraveling the bracelet, you'll end up with a long piece of paracord which can be used in a lot of situations. From fishing to tying something up, or even using it for a bow drill to start a fire, the possibilities are endless. If you then also start unraveling the paracord itself, you'll have access to a ton of strings of small diameter, which can for example be used to make a gill net for fishing.

Which paracord is needed?

For a paracord survival bracelet, 2,5 meters of paracord is needed from the type paracord 550 type 3 or similar. The bracelet in this video uses just one string of rope, which is most practical since a longer piece of rope can always be cut into smaller pieces, where the other way around is a little difficult. Also make sure your paracord is from good quality, having good strength.

Survival bracelet without buckle

This survival bracelet is tied without using a buckle. It uses the Diamond knot to tie a system with which you can easily tighten and untighten the bracelet around your wrist.
If you prefer to use a buckle instead, you can off course adjust your bracelet to one with a buckle instead of the Diamond knot.

Practical add-ons

After you tied your first survival bracelet, you may consider adding some useful add-ons to increase the functionality of the bracelet. For example, a compass might be included in the bracelet, helping you to find your way.