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Palomar knot

The Palomar knot, what is it?

The Palomar knot is a relative simple knot that can be used to attach a fishing hook to a piece of fishing line. The knot can also be used to attach a lure, a swivel or any other object with an eye to a line.

What is the Palomar knot used for?

The Palomar knot can be used with all kinds of fishing activities like ice fishing. If you leave a bit of tail end sticking out, you can use that to attach a piece of bait. This can be handy when using boilies for carp or other bait that is not directly put on the hook itself.


When dressing the Palomar knot, you need to make sure that the bight of the knot sits on the line, and not on the shaft of the hook, to prevent it from slipping. Also make sure that the lines are not crossing each other in the knot, because that will create a weak spot.
In our Palomar knot tutorial we used a piece of paracord and a carabiner, because that makes it easier for you the viewer to see.