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What is the Sheepshank Knot?

The Sheepshank knot is a simple way to shorten a rope temporarily or to take the slack out of a rope.

The Sheepshank Knot, what is it used for?

The use for the Sheepshank Knot is to shorten a rope temporarily.


The Sheepshank knot is not a very stable knot and might become undone under too much tension, especially when tied with flexible rope.
To add some extra stability to the Sheepshank knot you can put a stick in the eyes of the knot.

It is often said to use the Sheepshank to bypass a damaged section in the rope, but DO NOT use the Sheepshank for this in life support applications and climbing! The Alpine butterfly is a much safer solution if you need to bypass a damaged rope section.

Alternatives for the Sheepshank Knot

Daisy Chain