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Anchor hitch

What is the Anchor Hitch?

The Anchor hitch is sometimes called the Anchor Bend. This is not the right name. The Anchor hitch is a real hitch because it is used to tie a rope to an object. A knot is called a bend when its used to tie two ropes together, which is not the case with the Anchor hitch.

The Anchor Hitch, what is it used for?

The Anchor hitch has many purposes in for example boating, climbing and outdoor activities. For example the Anchor hitch can be used to attach a rope to the ring at the end of your boat anchor. It can also be used to tie in to your climbing harness, but then it is good practice to secure it with a half hitch.


The knot might jam after being loaded heavily. If you are expecting a heavy loading you can add an extra loop around the object your tying to rope to.

Also known as

Anchor Bend, Fisherman's Hitch, Fisherman's Bend