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Top 3 easy friction hitches

Looking for a friction hitch, but you don't know where to start? Which one to choose? We understand your confusion, there truly are a lot of friction hitches available, most of which work perfectly fine in quite all circumstances. Here we will tell you which three will be your best options.

The top 3 easy friction hitches, easy to learn, good to know and extremely handy. Friction hitches are a special type of knot. They can slide freely up or down a climbing line but they grab when being loaded. This makes them extremely handy when climbing, but also when you need to hang something with adjustable tension, or when you want to tie down a load. We selected the top 3 easiest to tie slide and grip hitches.

The Prusik hitch

This is the most basic and simplest to tie friction hitch. You can tie the Prusik hitch with either a Prusik loop or an eye to eye Prusik cord. The Prusik hitch grabs in both directions.

The Schwabisch Hitch

This one is similar to the Prusik hitch, but it is not symmetric. It only grabs in one direction, which makes it more suitable when climbing up a rope.

The Klemheist or Machard hitch

The Klemheist or Machard hitch also grabs in one direction, and is often used to climb with the secured foot-lock technique. It releases more easily than the Prusik and the Schwabisch hitch.

Top 3 easy friction hitches