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Buntline hitch

What is the Buntline Hitch?

The Buntline hitch is a great termination knot to attach a carabiner to a climbing line. It is known for its jamming aspect.

The Buntline Hitch, what is it used for?

The Buntline hitch is often used in climbing, but is not limited to only this application. Historically, the Buntline hitch was used in several crafts: butchering (hanging meat to dry) and sailing (bending the buntline to the foot of the sail). The hitch is very suitable for connecting a fishing line to a swivel.

Fun fact

The Cravat knot or Four-in-Hand knot, used for tying a tie.


The Buntline knot doesn't creep or slip, but it can be finished with a double Fisherman's loop for extra security.
Do not use the Buntline hitch for high load applications as it's really hard to untie after being exposed to a heavy load.