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Alpine Butterfly Loop (twist)

Also known as

ABK, Alpine Butterfly Loop, Butterfly Knot, Lineman's Loop, Lineman's Rider, and Harness Loop.

What is the Alpine Butterfly Knot?

The Alpine Butterfly knot is an easy and reliable mid-line loop.

The Alpine Butterfly Knot, what is it used for?

It is save to climb on and has multiple purposes. You can use the Alpine Butterfly knot to isolate a worn section of rope, or you can use the Alpine Butterfly knot as a mid-line tie-in point for a climber. The Alpine Butterfly knot can also be used to set a retrievable top anchor for tree climbing. If you combine this with a carabiner or a quicky it will be easier to undo the anchor and move it up or down as you progress.


The hand-wrap method is another method to tie the Alpine Butterfly loop.

FAQ Alpine Butterfly Loop (twist)

Is the Alpine Butterfly safe to climb on?

The Alpine Butterfly is a secure mid line loop that is easy to tie and is safe to climb on. It is often used as a midline tie in point.

How to tie the Alpine Butterfly loop?

You can wrap the climbing line around your hand then take the middle loop and pull it underneath the bottom loop. Continue by going over all the loops to your fingertips then pull this middle loop through all the other loops. Or watch our clear instruction video.

What is the Alpine Butterfly loop used for?

The Alpine Butterfly loop can be used to create a mid line tie in point. But it can also be used to isolate a worn part in the rope. You can also use the Alpine Butterfly as a multi purpose mid line loop.

Does the Alpine Butterfly loop jam after loading?

The Alpine Butterfly loop is a non jamming loop and will be easy to untie after being loaded.