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Yosemite Bowline

What is the Yosemite Bowline

The Yosemite Bowline is a normal bowline but with an added security tie off. The tail end of the knot is tucked under the loop that forms the bowline knot for added security. The regular bowline knot will become undone easily especially when not under continuous load. Throw in the scraping against the rock in the mix when climbing and it is a matter of time before a normal bowline becomes undone. To prevent this from happening and to make the bowline knot more secure for climbing the Yosemite tie off is added. Yes this does make the bowline suitable for climbing but I still wouldn't recommend it. The Yosemite Bowline is more difficult to tie and to inspect then the widely used and accepted figure eight follow trough. Also when the Yosemite tie is set in the wrong order there is an added risk of it becoming undone. If you tighten the working end first then the knot will capsize and it becomes an accident waiting to happen.

FAQ Yosemite Bowline

Is the Yosemite Bowline safe?

The Yosemite Bowline is considered safe to climb on but still most climbers would not thrust it with their lives. The Yosemite Bowline is of course safer than the normal bowline but it is more difficult to tie and to inspect then the preferred figure eight follow through.

What is the Yosemite Bowline?

The Yosemite Bowline is a normal bowline knot but with an extra protection that will prevent it from becoming undone. This might make it safer for climbing.

What is the Yosemite Bowline used for?

It can be used as an alternative tie in knot for the figure eight follow through because it will release more easily. But it is tricky to tie and when dressed incorrectly potentially lethal. The Yosemite Bowline can also be used to hoist things with a rope.

Is the Yosemite tie off limited to the bowline?

The Yosemite finish can be added to other variations of the bowline knot as well.