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Carrick bend

Also known as

Sailors Breastplate, Josephine Knot, Wake knot, Ormonde Knot, Sailor's Bend, Anchor Bend

What is the Carrick Bend?

The Carrick bend is a bend often seen in situations where you need to tie ropes together.

What is the Carrick Bend used for?

The Carrick bend can be used as a decorative piece of rope art, or to tie two ropes together temporarily. For decorative purposes, its value lies in the fact that the knot is perfectly symmetrical. Therefore it is seen as the close-to-perfect bend. Besides the symmetry, the Carrick bend is easy to tie and very strong. In historical boating, the Carrick bend was often used to tie cables and thick ropes together.


The Carrick bend works very well with big stiff ropes.
It will not jam and is easy to untie after being loaded or even when the knot has been soaked.
The Carrick Bend is often featured in ancient drawings.