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Stevedore stopper knot

What is the Stevedore Stopper Knot?

The Stevedore Stopper knot is, like the name suggests, a stopper knot. The purpose of a stopper knot is to prevent a rope from slipping through an eye by creating a knot that makes the rope thicker then its original diameter to effectively prevent it from slipping through an opening.

Stevedore stopper knot history

Lots of knots have found their origin in the shipping world. Back in the days when the mighty sailing vessels cruised the seas lots of different rope techniques where used. The loading and unloading of those ships was mostly done by hand by dockworkers who where also called "Stevedores". During the loading and unloading pulleys or blocks where used to create leverage. To prevent the line from running out of those blocks this knot was used and the name Stevedore stopper knot was born.