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Clove hitch

Also known as

Waterman's Knot, Crossed Lark's Head, Builders' Knot

What is the Clove Hitch?

The Clove hitch knot is a must-know-knot, which has a lot of purposes in boating and other outdoor activities. In boating it is one of the most commonly used knots because it serves lots of purposes.

What is the Clove Hitch used for?

In boating you can use it to quickly attach the fenders to the railing. When mooring the boat they can be used to attach the mooring line to a post. In archery the Clove hitch is used to attach the string to the bow, hereby combined with two half hitches. In building the hitch is used for lowering tools in a safe way. Because of this the hitch is also known as the Builders' knot. In netting the Clove hitch is sometimes used to create the first tier of meshes. In hunting, the Clove hitch is often used to tie small game together when carrying them home.


It's recommended to tie of with a half hitch, as the clove hitch will become easily undone when subject to variation in loading.