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Bull Hitch

What is the Bull Hitch?

The Bull Hitch is a simple hitch knot that can be used to attach a rope to a carabiner or other object like the handle of a bucket. It has some similarities with the cow hitch or larks head knot. But the Bull Hitch has an extra wrap to lock itself in place which makes it more secure then the other two hitches. Due to this extra wrap the Bull hitch is also less likely to slip.

The Bull Hitch, what is it used for?

The Bull Hitch is a hitch so that means its a type of knot that can be used to attach a rope to an object. You can use the Bull hitch to firmly attach a carabiner in a Prusik loop. When you use the Bull hitch for this occasion the loop is less likely to slide around which will help avoiding a side load on your carabiner.
Another application is to use the Bull hitch to attach a paracord to an object of your liking, for example a key chain. It grips well and stays in place better than the more commonly used Larks head. And it also looks cool with the nice x shape sitting on top of the knot.


When the Bull hitch is used to attach a Prusik cord to the carabiner, the carabiner is less likely to move around in the loop, hereby preventing it from side loading. Side loading can be, as we all know, a bad practice.