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Bends describe a type of knot that is used to tie two ropes together temporarily. There is a variety of bends available on our site. The type of bend you need highly depends on the purpose. Some bends might be better when you have two different sizes of rope like the Sheet bend while others will work more reliable when tied with rope of equal diameter and type. There are Bends that are safe to climb on like the Alpine Butterfly bend and the Figure eight bend and there are also bends that can be used as decorative piece of rope art.

The naming of bends is not always as straight forward as it looks. Sometimes the name of the knot should change based on its application. For example the Double Fisherman's. When you tie it in a single piece of rope it becomes a knot. But when you use it to tie two ropes together it becomes a bend. But what if you tie two Double Fisherman's to form a Prusik loop? You tie them in the same rope but you also connect two rope ends. So this creates a bit of a grey area.