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Tree work techniques

This section of the website is dedicated to all sorts of tree climbing techniques. Of course is the use not only limited to Arborists, but also geocachers, saddle hunters and other people that like to climb trees for a variety of reasons will benefit from the content in this section. There are lots of techniques that can be used to ascend a tree. Some are very physically demanding like the foot lock technique or the hip thrust technique. Others techniques use your energy more efficiently like the Rope Wrench technique. This method makes use of the more powerful leg muscles to climb up the rope.

Trees are living creatures and very important to our environment. When climbing you should always take care to do as less damage as possible to the tree. So its important not to use techniques where the rope moves over a branch when climbing. This will damage the bark of the tree and also creates extra wear on your rope. And its of course less energy efficient because of the induced friction in the system when the rope rubs over the bark. If you do want to climb with a moving rope system its highly recommended to use a friction saver or cambium saver. Other good alternatives are the artificial anchors where you use another rope with a pulley or ring as a top anchor.