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Double fishermans bend

What is the Double Fisherman's Bend?

The Double Fisherman's bend ties two ends of rope together. It works well with all kinds of rope and is very reliable.

The Double Fisherman's Bend, what is it used for?

When the Double Fisherman's bend is tied in the end of a rope it can act as a stopper knot.


You can add extra wraps to form a Triple Fisherman's loop.
The Double Fisherman's knot with one rope will form a Prusik loop.

The name

The Double Fisherman's is often called the Double Fisherman's knot instead of the Double Fisherman's bend. But it is also known under the name Grapevine Bend or knot. Technically it is a bend when you use it to connect two ropes together. When you use it as a stopper knot and tie the Double Fisherman's in a single rope then it becomes a knot. So how you call it actually depends on the situation it is being used in.

FAQ Double fishermans bend

Is the Double Fisherman a bend or a knot?

This depends on the situation. If you use the Double Fisherman to tie two ropes together then it is a bend. If you use it as a form of stopper knot and tie the Double Fisherman in one rope then it becomes a knot. And if you connect two ends of the same rope together to form a Prusik loop? Well I think we shall call it a bend knot then.