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Ashley stopper knot

The Ashley stopper knot

The Ashley stopper knot is developed by Clifford W. Ashley the writer of the famous book "The Ashley Book of Knots" It is a bulky and easy to tie stopper knot that gives a good resistance. The Ashley stopper knot is not only easy to tie but it is also very secure. On top of that it is bulkier then most other (simple) stopper knot and it offers great pulling resistance.
The name comes from the writer of the "Ashley Book of Knots" and it also known as the Oysterman’s Stopper Knot. But its more commonly known under the name Ashley stopper knot.

Uses of the Ashley stopper knot

Some practical use cases for the Ashley stopper knot are: - Stop a rope from going through an eye, for example when tying down a tarp or tent.
- Prevent a rope from slipping through a pulley.
- Prevent a rope from fraying.