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Knots by type

Here you find all knots grouped per type. So if you are looking for friction hitches you will find those under Slide and Grip hitches. If you are looking for midline loops like the Alpine Butterfly loop you will find those under Midline loops. In theory there are a few basic types of knots but we divided it a bit more to make it easier to find a knot. The most basic knot types are:


A knot is a knot right? Well that's not exactly true. A knot is only called a knot when its tied in a single piece of rope or webbing and holds its own. An example is the overhand knot. This is unlike hitches, which do need an object to maintain their form. If you remove the object the hitch falls apart.


Bends are a type of knot that is used to connect two ends of rope together.


A hitch connects a rope to an object like a carabiner or to another rope in a way that it slides, like friction hitches. With a friction hitch the targeted object is a piece of rope.

Our additional categories

We have added a few extra categories so it will be a bit easier for you to find the right knots.

End Loops

End loops are loops that are tied when you have access to the end of the rope. In theory you can tie those loops anywhere in your line but it is not very convenient when you have to pull 30 meters of rope through to tie a certain knot.

Midline loops

Those are loops that can be tied without the need of pulling the entire rope through to form a knot. There are many situations where you need a loop in the middle of the rope but what if the ends of your rope are in use? Do you want to untie everything? No of course not. And that's where the midline loops come in.

Slide and Grip Hitches

Those are technically just hitches and could go under the basic category hitches, but they are used in a completely different way than the normal hitches. A hitch ties a rope around an object, with slide and grip hitches this object is another rope. Slide and Grip hitches are also known as friction hitches or climbing hitches, because they are mostly being used in climbing.

Stopper knots

Stopper knots are just regular knots because they are tied in the rope itself and they don't need another object to stay in place like hitches and bends do. Stopper knots are used to avoid a rope from slipping through an object, like the hole in the swing seat or a belay device like the Petzl Grigri.